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The Mask which is Belief  
05:23pm 19/12/2008
Our intellects give us human animals the impressive ability to model reality. The realities so modeled can even be the modelers themselves, as well as hypothetical realities which our models predict to be possible. Our models will always be imperfect and incomplete though, and forgetting this fact can effectively limit our minds within our own models and cause us to fail to perceive an aspect of the modeled reality which is not specified in the model. In this way, beliefs can be masks which prevent us from seeing the underlying reality. When the reality being modeled is ourselves or humanity, our beliefs can mask our deeper selves from our own awareness. Such unintentional masking stealthily occurs when an emotion happens to reinforce a belief yet is not actually a core component of the belief itself. In this case the emotion will reinforce our conviction in the belief without us even needing to be aware of the actual nature of the emotion behind the belief. Such emotionally charged belief is commonly seen in religious persons. For me though, it occurred in relation to my belief in the value of communication, and what that belief was effectively masking was my fear of loneliness. What I realized was that some of my idealistic attempts to communicate with certain persons at ill-chosen times were in reality very much motivated by a fear of loneliness. Realizing that my belief was unintentionally masking an emotion and therefore inhibiting my self-awareness enabled me to peer more accurately at the causality between my emotions and my actions, and to consciously confront the fear itself.
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02:48pm 20/12/2008 (UTC)
...And what wondrous electroneural meat-machines we are! (Now there's a name for a band.)

I certainly agree that emotion is often the enemy of reason, but what I was trying to demonstrate is that belief and reason can in turn be the enemies of awareness.

Reason/logic is just a tool. Like any tool, it requires purpose to be useful. At the core of purpose is value, and value exists in the realm of emotion. Logic gives us capability, and emotion gives us direction.

All considered, emotion and reason/logic make for interesting bedfellows.
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09:08pm 14/04/2011 (UTC)
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01:17pm 03/11/2011 (UTC)
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