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10:25pm 29/12/2007
Tiefling is a word which essentially translates to "devilish one". Tieflings are the demonic descendants which result when a sexual union between a demonic creature and a humanoid produces half-demon children, which in turn infuses those half-demons' descendants with demonic blood. In the Dungeons&Dragons game, tieflings are one of the possible races to which you can have your character belong. I found this hilarious interview with a tiefling and a gnome (though you might have to be geeky enough to be familiar with certain trivia regarding Dungeons&Dragons to fully appreciate it).
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06:17pm 04/01/2008 (UTC)
Hey, are you going to Confusion? I am!! But, my roomshare fell through, and if you're going, I wondered if there'd be place on your floor or if you knew of anyone who would be willing to add an extra roommmate. I don't relish sleeping in hospitality and changing in the public loos...

Also, I'm hoping to get out to City Club the weekend following, and I'd love for you to join!! I'll be in Michigan for a whole week after the con, except for Mon afternoon to Thur morning.

One way or the other, I hope to see you!
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Re: ConFusion
02:34am 05/01/2008 (UTC)
I have requested the time off from work for ConFusion. In my procrastinatory fashion I have not secured a room for myself yet, but I will offer that whatever room I end up putting money towards, you will be welcome to sleep in. City Club sounds good as well. Factory Monday (the goth night) at the Necto has also become a very solid night since you moved away; the powers-that-be tore down the parking structure next to City Club which seems to have been a significant factor in the steady decline of City Club; as sad as I am to see the decline of the home of electrical tape and thongs, I must admit that Factory Monday is now more consistently attended. (Factory Monday has the same libertine dress-code as City Club, but fewer girls take advantage of it.) Consider going to the Necto on Monday as well. Additionally, our old friend Dan Webber is the resident DJ for Factory Monday. We also have two comfy pull-out couch beds in our living room if you find that you might be in need of one for a night or more.
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